Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where Is America's Daniel Hannan?

Daniel Hannan speaks eloquently here about the economy of Great Britain. Everything he says applies in spades to the economy of the United States.

Where is America's Daniel Hannan? What Member of Congress would or even could speak as eloquently and truthfully to BHO? We the people thought they elected a great leader. But how will the people live after their leader and his Congress kill the goose laying the golden eggs?

The WSJ editorial here explains in more detail the near total disconnect now underway between the world of political fantasy and economic reality.

Put it this way: Imagine any of this generation's Democratic establishment taking a job at Procter and Gamble in Cincinnati as a middle-manager responsible for a division of employees and its annual profit and loss. It is wholly inconceivable. Or helping an owner of an auto-parts company manage through a real crisis. They wouldn't have a clue.

Even though it's quite a slog to work your way all the way through it, "Atlas Shrugged" remains mandatory reading for anyone who really wants to understand where the disconnect between political fantasy and economic reality leads.

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