Thursday, April 16, 2009

Private Sector Roads?

Yes, indeed. Read about it here. Voluntary exchange is a powerful, moral alternative to ham-fisted, bureaucratic government. We are led to believe, by those who have a vested interest that we believe it, that taxing us to build "infrastructure" is an appropriate role for government. But is it?

Professor Walter Block's new book offers a different, enlightened, and logical perspective. He also notes here that
If the highways were now commercial ventures, as once in our history they were, and upward of 40,000 people were killed on them annually, you can bet your bottom dollar that Ted Kennedy and his ilk would be holding Senate hearings on the matter. Blamed would be "capitalism," "markets," "greed," i.e., the usual suspects. But it is the public authorities who are responsible for this slaughter of the innocents.
Interesting observation, no?

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