Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Will The Supreme Court Uphold the Constitution?

Theodore Olson writes here about a little-discussed Supreme Court case that goes straight to the foundation of liberty and voluntary exchange among humans.

McCain-Feingold campaign finance law abridged free speech. That alone was reason enough for lovers of liberty to reject McCain a few months ago. Will the Supremes awaken from their long slumber, or will they continue to allow Congress and the Executive to subvert the Constitution?

Voluntary exchange and interaction is the only principle for social interaction that generates ever-growing wealth for an ever-growing population. The evidence of history couldn't be clearer or louder. Voluntary exchange is also the only moral principle for social interaction. Coercion of any kind is immoral.

Without free speech, voluntary exchange and interaction are retarded enormously. Regardless of whatever good intent McCain and Feingold may have had (I'll not judge their motives, though others might), limiting free speech is simply too high a price to pay.

Let's hope the Supremes get it right this time.

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