Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Next Crisis Is Right Around the Corner

Here, Matthew J. Novak writes about a disturbing future crisis in the commercial real estate market and its financing, which BHO and his henchmen will doubtless use to advance their vision of a socialist society. You know --- as Rahm Emanuel said, never let a good crisis go to waste.

We are beginning to hear main stream media report that the recession is over. I heard another such report just this morning. Evidently, the pundits and wags who think the recession is over have visions of the future that belie the financial condition of the commercial real estate market.

I personally recommend that folks keep whatever they have left of their wealth in the form of real stuff. I have very little confidence that those in power at the Fed and in Washington DC know the way out of these particular woods.

The purchasing power of your dollars will definitely be falling like that crippled satellite a few months back that the US military shot down. That means the value of fixed income streams --- as in bonds --- will also be falling down the road. What about stocks?

The more socialist our political economy becomes, the less valuable will be those certificates of ownership in companies --- that is to say, stocks. Would you like to own some GM or AIG stock? Make no mistake; this country has set its foot on the path of becoming ever more socialist. We the people elected BHO, didn't we?

Folks who are looking to Washington DC to solve problems that Washington DC created in the first place must be hoping for a mystical experience. History shows us amply the experience they will end up getting.

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