Thursday, October 1, 2009

Voluntary Exchange: A Love Story

Michael W. Covel writes here a review of Michael Moore's "Captialism: A Love Story." Be sure to view the Donahue interview with Milton Friedman, which is linked in the source file and here. It says more of value in the span of a few minutes than all the ink ever spilled in the New York Times.

Michael Moore rails against capitalism. Yet, has anyone noticed that Michael Moore is himself a capitalist? Methinks he protestith too much.

I personally don't like the term "capitalism" because it has no clear and compelling definition, and because it carries a lot of baggage for lots of people --- baggage based on the kind of ignorance that Michael Moore exhibits in his new master piece.

Instead, I encourage people to focus on the morality and effectiveness of voluntary exchange. Anything but voluntary exchange is simply immoral. History is full of that immorality. But if that were not enough, anything but voluntary exchange simply doesn't work to generate economic prosperity. History is full of that simple truth, too.

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