Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fiscal Stimulus Didn't Work --- Duh

Here, Michael Boskin gives us an update on lack of results from BHO's Pork Barre ... er, excuse me, Fiscal Stimulus bill rammed through Congress last year by the Democrat election victors. Promise the people pork and they will vote for you. That's BHO's legacy and we the peoples' disgrace

Of course, Professor Boskin knows full well that the so-called fiscal stimulus bill wasn't passed to stimulate the economy, and in my opinion, BHO's bought and paid for economists knew it wouldn't from the beginning.

The $787 billion bill was payoff spending for the Democrat base, clear and simple. No serious economist is even remotely surprised that the government's largess didn't save us from a 10.2 unemployment rate.

Professor Boskin lays out a fist full of sensible policy prescriptions to get the economy working again. Do you think BHO and company will pay attention? Neither do I.

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