Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How Can You Tell He's Lying? (you already know the answer)

Here, Holman Jenkins pretty well sums up the status of the global warming debate and Al Gore's annoying, stupefying hypocrisy.

Sad to say , lots of so called scientists who should be acting like scientists aren't. They are too overcome by their zeal for slowing economic growth to remain scientists who are dedicated to letting the empirical chips fall where they may.

It is sad indeed to see the world revert in the 21st Century to religious bigotry and such disregard for science and its powerful method of discovery. It's as if the 17th Century never happened.

Will the Al Gores of the world prevail? Will cap-and-trade enrich Gore and Nancy Pelosi, both of whom are so financially vested in "green"? I remain hopeful that by the 2010 elections, enough Americans will have seen through the hypocrisy of Al Gore and his willful ignorance of climatology to turn his investments in cap-and-trade to sand.

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