Monday, December 7, 2009

Get Rid of the IRS

Read here how the IRS violates your constitutional rights. How is it that Americans put up with an IRS that violates our rights every day? Why do we allow it? I suppose it's because we prefer not to be put in prison at the end of a gun.

By the way, never doubt that we are compelled by our government at the end of a gun. Try not paying your taxes. Then when the police come to arrest you, tell them you refuse to go along. That's when the guns will come out.

Congress uses the federal tax code to punish foes and reward friends. That fact explains why most politicians will never willingly get rid of the federal income tax and payroll withholding taxes. Each and every year Congress further complicates the tax code by writing laws that punish some and reward others. The ObamaCare bills now moving through the House and the Senate are excellent examples.

Each year, billions of dollars are spent on lobbyists sent by their sponsors to Washington to lobby Congress for tax advantages that will be implemented through the horrific federal tax code. More dollars are paid to tax lobbyists each year than any other flavor of lobbyist.

Each year the IRS violates the rights of American citizens by ignoring the 4th Amendment and the 14th Amendment. And each year, we the people go along with it. Adopting the Fair Tax is not a panacea, but it is a strong start toward reclaiming our Constitutional liberty and natural rights.

The best way to start is to email your district member of Congress and your state Senators to tell them that you will not vote for them until they sign on as a co-sponsor of the Fair Tax. Here's a link that makes that really easy. Be sure to write in a personal note about no longer voting for politicians who do not support the Fair Tax.

More than any other element of our political system, the federal income tax and payroll withholding taxes violate the constitutionally enshrined principle of government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Automatic payroll withholding through your employer robs you of the right to control your own income.

How much did you pay in federal income tax and payroll withholding last year? How much will you pay this year? If you don't know, then you are a willing accomplice to your own enslavement by the 545. Let's all leave the herd of "we the sheeple" to become once again "we the people." Click this link and make a run for it.


Brock said...

That article is just so unfortunate. It's unfortunate because if we had the FairTax then this would never happen to a poor family again. We have to get it passed!

WVDave said...

Great points and something every loyal American should try to help with.