Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Science Isn't All In, But the Illogic of the Threat of Global Warming Is

Here, Richard Lindzen explains much about global warming. Just in case you're wondering, he is a real climate-meteorology scientist at MIT. In fact, he is one the world's leading authorities on climate change. This piece is a great primer for readers who haven't kept up with the global warming snafu.

As professor Lindzen notes, the science of climate change, global warming, and the role of man-made CO2 is not all in; not even close. But Lindzen's logic about whether we should be alarmed or not is all in.

The bottom line is crystal clear; even if the IPCC models were correct (and they are demonstrably not even close), the specter of global warming is a huge fraud perpetrated by the unholy alliance of pseudo scientists and politicians jockeying for economic advantage and power. That's because there is real money to be had in touting global warming; real money to be made in cap-and-trade (just ask Al Gore). Real money always has takers.

Socialists lost their ideological battle with capitalism (a.k.a., voluntary exchange). They lost it big time, and they knew there really was no way to go back. Those irritating gangs of brutal facts simply slayed all their elegant egg-head socialist theories.

But the socialist, big government crowd were not to be deterred. If you could get people to believe that the gas they exhale every few seconds was going to cause catastrophe, why you could once again assail free enterprise and the arch enemy capitalism, since industry and commerce use energy, and burning fossil fuels releases carbon. Game on.

Now, it turns out that the IPCC "scientists" over reached. They were not content to let the data inform the theory, or to let the data falsify their false theories. They have been caught.

Will we all now turn away from the fraud? Don't hold your breath. Remember the money to be made? That's more powerful than scientific results --- at least for a while.

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