Monday, February 8, 2010

Paul Ryan Has Some Ideas Right in the Roadmap

Here, George Will writes about ideas that Rep. Paul Ryan and others have put forth in the Roadmap for America's Future. As always, Will's ideas are well worth the read. Ryan offers some ideas that make sense and others that can be improved even more.

The Roadmap is not a quick read, but it is an important read. People who haven't read the Roadmap really don't have sufficient information to make informed choices about proposed legislation and policies now being pushed by Obama and the Democrats. Here is another commentary from Michael Gerson on the Roadmap and what's motivating it.

People's opinions about the issues broached in the Roadmap should be based on the ideas and arguments for them that we find in the Roadmap. Ideology really isn't in play, but lots of folks will not bother with the ideas or the arguments, because they will be too bound up with their ideologies. Lots of such Republicans will agree immediately; lost of such Democrats will disagree immediately; both sets will do so without thought.

The specific proposals in the document are near the end, comprising eight Titles. You might want to skip to the chase, and then read the arguments about why at your leisure. Over the next several days, EconoBlast will take a look at each of the Roadmap's eight Titles. Stay tuned

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