Monday, March 22, 2010

Historic Health Care Bill Passes

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from The Wall Street Journal

"The U.S. House of Representatives voted 219 to 212 to approve the biggest transformation of the U.S. health system in decades, the culmination of efforts by generations of Democrats to achieve near-universal health coverage.
The legislation will extend health coverage to 32 million Americans now without insurance, according to the Congressional Budget Office. It will mandate that almost every American carry health insurance—a provision that opponents are set to challenge in the courts."

The 2,000+ page bill that describes Obamacare is without doubt the largest, most far reaching piece of legislation the United States Congress has ever passed.  The bill is truly historic, but not because it will bring free health care to Americans who don't now have so-called health care insurance. 

It is utterly clear that about half the Congress is hell-bound for leather to ignore the will of the people, ignore the Constitution, discard liberty, and confiscate an ever growing share of GDP.

Click here to read about major features of Obamacare.  The first thing you will notice is that your taxes are going up.

Oh, by the way --- did I mention that your taxes are going up.  Read about it here.  But wait, you say.  BHO said tax increases would hit only the wealthy, right? Either BHO really is a liar, or he really is ignorant of economic reality. You decide which.  YOUR payroll taxes are going up, regardless of how much income you make right now.

Obamacare will turn out to be the largest transfer of income in the history of the planet.  If you're okay with that, then you will love Obamacare. But if you realize that a whole bunch of the people who earn the income will not be happy to have their income simply stolen, then you already understand that Obamacare is the Road to Serfdom.

Yes, the health care deformation bill passed on Sunday, March 22, 2010 is truly historic.  But not because it will bring free health care to people who do not now have health care.  The bill is historic for what it says America has become --- or is it just half of America?

Nearly 50% of American households pay no federal income tax.  I guess the Democrats are counting on their votes in November 2010.  Now the hard facts of economic life will be learned yet again --- just as they have been learned throughout all of human history.

Health care is real stuff.  It takes real resources to produce health care.  Who will produce the free health care Obamacare promises?  Will you?  Can you?   Even BHO cannot command free health care to appear magically, talented as he may be. 

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