Monday, May 31, 2010

How to Fix the Great Divide

Watch the video you will find here, then reflect a bit.

What if instead of 50 states, all of which are beholden to the most powerful central government that ever existed on earth, what if we had just a few states.  What if those states were "natural" communities, as suggested by the data explained in the video.

What if we then returned to the Constitution and its very clear establishment of a federation of states with a very weak central government whose primary duty and responsibility was defense of the United States against foreign enemies (should we happen to have any).

What if instead of electing representatives based on Gerrymandered districts within the 50 states, the citizens of the small number of "natural" communities elected their representatives.  Evidently, the folks living within a "natural" community would have much more in common in values and beliefs than in the present Gerrymandered districts.

All seem too fanciful?  If it does, then we the people will just have to live with what we've got.  How sad.

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