Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Regulators Continue to Fail

Read here about how Toyota has been hosed by the government and the federal government's evident desire to give an edge to GM (Government Motors).
"NHTSA has been able to verify only one of those fatal crashes was caused by a problem with the vehicle, according to information the agency provided to the National Academy of Sciences. That accident last Aug. 28, which killed a California highway patrolman and three passengers in a Lexus, was traced to a floor mat that trapped the gas pedal in the depressed position."
Guess what.  My floor mats sometimes get shoved out of place and interfere with the brake pedal and accelerator pedal.  I move the floor mats back into place.  Ah, duh.

Someone please tell us again why we should believe that the onslaught against Toyota has been anything except a government engineered assist to GM.  Regulators and regulations continue to fail, and they do it on your dime (oops, sorry; it's your trillions of dollars in taxes).

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