Thursday, December 9, 2010

Congress Demonsrtrates Why We Need To Dump The Incumbent Party

Here, the WSJ chronicles business-as-usual posturing, log rolling, and special pleading of members of the incumbent party and lobbyists in Washington over the "deal" struck between BHO and "Republican leaders."

To paraphrase John Godfrey Saxe,  laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.  He should have said, "seeing laws being made should inspire us all to get rid of lawmakers."

How about we the people require the House and the Senate to pass a budget each and every year with no possibility of piling on, log rolling, special pleading, ear marks, side issues, and all the rest.

How about we the people require that Congress not spend more in any fiscal year than X% of the average of the most recent past three years of GDP.  Read more about that idea here.

Forget "deals."  How about members of Congress stepping up to the plate and behaving like statesmen instead of brokers for their favorite industry, lobbyist, or state?

How about we the people constrain the federal government to the powers authorized by the Constitution, as explained carefully in the Federalist Papers

Go Tea Party.

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