Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tell Us What You Would Do

Suppose, either by fabulous good luck or your own hard work and merit, you were the proud owner of $100 million in cold, hard cash; suppose you have that cash in a bank account at Bank of America, just to be concrete.

What would you do with that $100 million?  Would you start a new business to create new jobs?  Would you expand the business that you already own to create new jobs?  Would you hire back folks you laid off during the Great Recession?  What would you do; I mean, really?

Did BHO say anything last night in his address to a joint session of Congress that would give you confidence to start a new business and hire employees?  Did BHO say anything last night that would overcome the morass and tangle of regulations and taxes that you would face if you did start a new business?  Did BHO say anything at all last night that would lead you to want to expand your business?

I didn't think so either.

Just to be clear, it is the creation of new businesses or the expansion of existing ones that could increase employment and reduce unemployment.  New government jobs don't count, by the way.  Government jobs have to paid for by sucking more resources out of the private sector by force.

It seems quite unlikely that Congress will pass legislation called for in high rhetoric by BHO last night.  Next year, when the economy is still languishing with high unemployment, BHO will claim that the reason for our economic malaise is that Congress didn't do what he asked for in is "Jobs" speech.  Sadly enough, lots of people will buy that miserable claim and vote for BHO again.  Simply amazing.

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