Sunday, August 11, 2013

Keynesian Policy Comes Up Short Again; My What A Surprise

Anyone remember all the dire, dour pronouncements of BHO and his Keynesian economists just a few months ago about how the across-the-board reductions (the sequester; remember?) in growth of the federal budget were surely going to cause incredible job loss and economic downturn?  I remember.

Remember how BHO and his administration instructed federal agencies to make cuts in the growth of federal spending (not real cuts, mind you) that would be most noticeable and irritating to folks --- such as furloughing  the air traffic controllers and closing federal parks.  I remember.

Did it come out that way?  No?  Hmmmm.  Live and learn.  Or more likely, live and fail to learn.

The federal government can't spend a dime without first keeping the dime's rightful owner from spending it.  People easily see the federal spending.  They don't see the foregone spending that's not done by the person the feds stole the dime from.  What about borrowing your say?  Well, we've been all through that on this blog.  You can't borrow what hasn't already been produced and saved.  Just in case you don't get that, read about it here.

Vote for the New Blood Party.   Let's get rid of the same-old, same-old hoots that have given us what we've got (that would be the 545).  Yes, yes, I know.  People who vote for the same-old, same-old don't read this blog.  That's why I don't write in it much anymore.  Nothing new to say.

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